My Year of Fire

Hello 2018. It’s nice to see you. The bar has been set pretty low for you. Try not to disappoint, okay? More love, less hate. Ultimately that’s all I want out of 2018.
2017 was the first time I assigned a word to a year and that was pretty obvious. As soon as I declared 2017 my year of balance I promptly forgot and really never revisited it. Oops. I’m not sure I achieved balance in 2017 but I do feel more calm and relaxed at the end of 2017 than I did at the beginning so that’s something.
I’m going to try choosing a word again. My word for 2018 is fire.
Yes, fire.
I chose fire because I found myself getting “fired up” about more things in 2017 than I have in awhile. From football to civil rights, I wrote passionately and vulnerably. I gave money to worthy causes and took to my blog to voice my outrage and heartbreak.
I can do more.
More love, less hate, more fire.
When I was growing up we had a word burning fireplace in our house. I always looked forward to the nights when we had fires. The sound of the fire crackling, the smell of smoke, and the ever changing flicker of the flames were simply captivating. I could stare at the fire for hours, lost in thought. When a rogue spark flew out of the fireplace I was snapped back to reality and reminded of how powerful fire can be. When the fire started to die down we added more wood until the flames were high and the crackles were loud.
That’s my vision for 2018. My year of fire. Find more of what makes me loud and passionate, more of what makes me change and grow. I have power over my own life. It’s time I lit my fire.
What’s your word for 2018? What does it mean to you?


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I love this! Such a bold word. If I assigned a word to my 2018 it would be action. No more waiting to feel motivated or to have the perfect idea of environment. I’m going to act, and then act again.
Happy New Year, fire girl!

Happy New Year! So happy to have connected via Twitter (and blogging). I love the idea of “Fire” — it is an active word, a powerful word, one that means taking charge. I’m a firm believer that love is stronger than hate, sure, but without taking that love and doing something fierce with it, it’s all sort of meaningless. Still recovering from my New Year’s cold, so I’m having a tough time focusing on a word. I’m thinking something like “present,” as in staying centered in the present and not dwelling in the past or being overly expectant of the… Read more »
Lisa | Simple Life Experiment

What a great choice of word, Courtney. Finding more of what makes you loud and passionate and what makes you change and grow sounds like a wonderful vision for the year ahead. They’re things I think we could all do with a bit more of. I hope it’s a wonderful year for you!


LOVE THIS! Fire is a great word – I feel like I really identify with this. People always tell me how fiercely independent I can be….Happy New Year Courtney!


Perfect word for this year! I feel like last year was a refining fire in many ways -beliefs, relationships, our democracy etc. Many things are more open and transparent now, because of the fire of 2017. It’s painful but I appreciate seeing people and things for who they really are instead of their facade.


Such a powerful word! I love reading about fellow blogger’s words for the year – it is so fascinating what word is chosen and how everyone is planning to live it out over the next 12 months.
My word is release and when I started thinking about it I realised it ties in with so many goals I have.


YAAASSSSS. I love this so much. In the words of the jesuits, go forth and set the world on fire!


I haven’t picked my word for the year yet, but I LOVE yours.

Tobia | craftaliciousme

Wow that is a cool word. I chose mine and it is BEAUTIFY. I started out with beauty but i feel like beauty is more active. Whiting you lots of FIRE for 2018.
Happy Sunday, Tobia