Marry Someone Resourceful

January 4, 2018 /

I have been married for just over a year and I think it’s time I offer some marriage advice to my readers. Marry someone resourceful, someone who is more resourceful than you.   This piece of advice comes after a week of battling frigid temperatures with a struggling furnace. We…

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Please Don’t Stash Me Just Anywhere: Why Being Single is Hard

December 21, 2017 /

I feel great compassion for everyone who is single and struggling this time of year. It can be hard. Really hard. For many years I traveled “home” for the holidays alone and if I’m honest, it was always hard.   My worst single Christmas was probably when I was 19.…

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Our Fall Getaway

November 15, 2017 /

Last week my husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary with a fall getaway to Nemacolin Woodlands Resort. Our wedding was the weekend before the Presidential election and rather than honeymoon we stayed home to vote and then get depressed. It wasn’t great. I read somewhere recently that couples…

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Why Marriage is Grounding

November 5, 2017 /

As I reflect on my first year as a married woman one word comes to mind – grounded. I feel grounded. Not the type of grounded that means I’m in trouble. The type of grounded that means I’m planted, stable, and not alone. Marriage is grounding and unbeknownst to me…

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April 11, 2017 /

When I think of family I picture a show like Parenthood. There is a Patriarch, a Matriarch, their children, and then grandchildren. It looks like a pyramid and the family tree has equal branches. There are no off-shoots to an estranged sibling or outlier relative. It’s perfect. While that is…

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Child Laughter


April 10, 2017 /

There are two faces that come to mind when I think about laughter – my friends Amy and Laura. We don’t laugh constantly when we are together but when we do we laugh hard. Actually, they laugh hard. If I close my eyes and think about their laughter I can…

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How I Met My Husband on Twitter

March 31, 2017 /

When I tell people my husband and I met on Twitter they usually react in the same way. First, they show genuine excitement and exclaim something like, “Oh wow,” often adding a follow-up remark like, “That is so cool!” Then there is a pause, a head tilt, maybe a wrinkled…

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