Why Marriage is Grounding

As I reflect on my first year as a married woman one word comes to mind – grounded. I feel grounded. Not the type of grounded that means I’m in trouble. The type of grounded that means I’m planted, stable, and not alone. Marriage is grounding and unbeknownst to me that was exactly what I needed.
I’ve learned to sit still, maybe a little too still, and to let myself relax into life. For years I focused on the future and what was going to come next for me. It wasn’t so much an “I need more” mentality as it was an “I need to keep going” way of thinking. Make a plan, move forward, repeat. I never took time to just be. I didn’t enjoy the fruits of my labor. I never stopped to let things settle.
Leading up to our wedding I was anything but grounded. We sold our house, moved to a new city, rented a townhouse, bought a new house, and moved again, all while planning the wedding. It was exciting and stressful and left me downright exhausted.
After we were married and the holidays passed I found myself with a lot of downtime, especially mental downtime. I realized I wasn’t constantly thinking about what will come next. I wasn’t looking at local real estate trends or scouring Pinterest for wedding décor ideas. I wasn’t looking for my next career step or for activities to fill my time. Without noticing I had leaned into being married and found myself feeling grounded. As much as anyone can, I know what tomorrow looks like and that brings a stability to my life I’m not used to having. Knowing I am not alone in life is extremely comforting, even on the hard days. The weight of life’s responsibilities is lighter now that I have someone carrying them with me.
I’m not entirely used to feeling grounded yet and some days I get restless. There are days I feel a little lost because my life is so different from what it used to be that I wonder if I truly know myself anymore. After spending so much time living alone and going through life on my own, being married has been an adjustment. It’s hard for me to share space and time and well, everything, with another person. There is a learning curve to being a wife and sharing my life.
Today we have been married for one year. I don’t take marriage or our year together lightly. It’s been fun and hard and slow and fast and everything in between. I am stronger because I know we are in this life together. I’m not on my own anymore and knowing that has grounded me. Now that my feet are planted maybe I can finally fly.



  1. Erinn on November 8, 2017 at 8:38 am

    I love this post! Marriage has given me the exact same feeling. I feel so secure and I know I’ve found my person. I truly believe that home is not a place, it’s a person.

  2. Tobia | craftaliciousme on November 23, 2017 at 2:48 pm

    Happy Anniversary.
    Being married is by far easy but the best thing one can do. Ive been with my man 9 years before getting married and we’ve been living together and all. But the moment we were married it just felt so different and so complete. Even though nothing had really changed but a ring and a signature. Funny how that is.

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