Keeping Life Light and Fluffy

It’s Labor Day weekend! I love a holiday weekend, it doesn’t even matter what holiday, but I think Labor Day is one of my favorites. It marks the end of summer, my least favorite season, and the beginning of fall, my most favorite season. It also comes without expectation. No gifts, no traveling, no stress. Just an extra day to catch our breath before the holidays and winter arrive.
If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile you might have noticed that I suck at small talk and most of my recent posts have been well, not exactly light and fluffy. I struggle to talk about (and write about) the daily ins and outs of life when there is SO MUCH big stuff going on in the world. However, I also spend a lot of time not talking about the big stuff. We don’t talk about it at work. We stick to business or the weather or a joke or two. It’s better that way but it’s hard for me to get to the end of a day and feel like not only have I not contributed anything to making the world better, I haven’t even acknowledged its dire state. See? I suck at small talk!
I wrote about balance being my word for 2017. Well, it’s September now and I have to say, I’m failing at balance. Actually, I don’t think I really even tried to achieve balance. The year went so fast, so much happened, and most days I got lost in my outrage and sadness from watching the news. Bad things have been happening my entire life and I managed to accomplish a lot without drowning in the sea of terribleness. What’s different about now? Well, I start each day looking at Twitter which is just a bad idea. I’m immediately awash in not only news but other people’s reaction to that news. I don’t give myself the chance to read and form my own opinion about something before being swept up in the emotional response of other people.
I don’t feel like I ever found my rhythm this past year. I went from moving, to buying a house, to getting married, to the election, to the holidays, and then to the full insanity of 2017. Trust me, I want to get into the groove of life. I need to. I need to find the right balance in my life. A surprise showed up at my door a few days ago. A book. THE book. The Book of Joy. I didn’t even need to open the card to know who it was from – my friend who sucks at small talk even worse than I do. WAY worse. She’s terrible at being light and fluffy. Like me, she struggles with balancing the dark and light sides of life. So, she’s reading The Book of Joy and knew I needed to read it too. I’ll write about it when I get a further into it but so far, I’m hooked.
I’m never going to be a light and fluffy person. Some days I’m okay with that and some days I wish I could be the person I am when I look at these pictures. Right? I mean, come on. Why can’t I just be a happy person who constantly melts into a puddle of joy? Sometimes joy comes in the form of holiday weekend sales so today I’m off to T.J. Maxx to find some new pillows and blankets to keep me cozy this fall. I might not feel fluffy on the inside but that doesn’t mean I can’t feel fluffy on the outside.



  1. Debra @ KevinandDebra on September 6, 2017 at 1:04 pm

    Hi Courtney, I am lucky and have a wonderful thing called Crohon’s. It is imperative that I reduce as much stress in life as possible. With all the news reporting now days- I only listen to the news as I am eating my breakfast. That’s it. Then when I get to work I concentrate on work, when home concentrate on family. Keeping both separate. It’s a survival skill I must live by or I’d be in the bathroom most of my time. I relish the small talk! Good luck and I am looking forward to your The Book of Joy review!

    • Courtney A. Casto on September 14, 2017 at 9:47 pm

      You make a good point. Small talk definitely serves a purpose in life. We can’t always be stressed, worried, and talking about the “big” stuff.

  2. Maggie on September 14, 2017 at 2:45 pm

    I think 2017 has just generally not been conducive to balance on any front, because I feel like this all the time too!

    • Courtney A. Casto on September 14, 2017 at 9:45 pm

      I think you’re right Maggie! I may have to pick two words for 2018 in case one of them doesn’t work out. 🙂

  3. Erinn on September 15, 2017 at 7:53 pm

    So I think one of my favorite things about your blog is the absence of light and fluffy! You’re saying things all of us are thinking and concerned about – which I can really relate to. Keep doing you and be happy!

    • Courtney A. Casto on September 15, 2017 at 11:54 pm

      Erinn, THANK YOU. It means so much to me to hear that from you! My mark on the blogging world might have to be something like, “Keeping a heavy and not fluffy life.” If that’s a result of me doing me then I’m okay with that. 🙂

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