What I Want My Blog to Be

I’ve been working on this blog a lot over the past few months. It has come a long way but still has a long way to go.  Overall I think I have the design and concept where I want it but they are just the foundation. Now, I need content. It’s hard. Blogging is not coming as easily to me as it has in the past. One of the things I am struggling with is figuring out exactly what kind of blog I want this to be. In reading through various lifestyle blogs I have come up with a short list of what I’m working towards.
1. Authenticity. I want to always blog in truth. I don’t want to share or speak something just because it might get views. I don’t want to make my blog something that I am not.  My blog is my voice and I want it to be truthful, passionate, and kind.
2. Minimalism. So many blogs seem to follow a similar format of lots and lots of posts, links, pictures, and advertisements that make me dizzy. I hate trying to read an article only to have pop-ups interrupt me. Or, even more frustrating, not being able to find a real post because a blog isn’t intuitively designed. The great thing about blogging is that everyone can have their own style. I’ve designed my blog to be more minimalist. I want it to be an easy place to be. Settle in, read, comment, and know that you’ll be able to find your way.
3. Consistency. I would love to blog consistently with posts on the same day of the week. Like, every Wednesday I post something brilliant that will change your life. Or Monday I capture a memory I want to look back on. Maybe Sundays are for cozy coffee chats and Tuesdays I share lists of my favorite things. I don’t know yet but I am looking back at my #1 to keep me in check. I hope to post consistently but only if it is authentic.
4. Community. I say that my blog is for me but if I’m being honest, (#1!) it’s not just for me. There is so much community online these days through social media and blogs. I want to be part of it. If my blog were truly for me it would be a private site. It’s not. I don’t know exactly what community will look like yet but I know it is something I am working towards.
5. Vulnerability. Ugh. I was trying to come up with a different #5 because vulnerability is hard. In fact, I know that not being vulnerable holds me back in life and has been holding me back in blogging. It’s different than authenticity. I can be authentic and truthful on my blog without being vulnerable. But if I can’t be vulnerable this will never work. I will do my best to keep my armor off. Thanks Brene.


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