The Truth About Santa

December 24, 2017 /

When did you find out the truth about Santa? Do you remember where you were and how you felt? Were you the older sibling who had to keep pretending you believed in Santa while you were around your younger brothers and sisters? Or were you the younger sibling, thinking everyone…

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Please Don’t Stash Me Just Anywhere: Why Being Single is Hard

December 21, 2017 /

I feel great compassion for everyone who is single and struggling this time of year. It can be hard. Really hard. For many years I traveled “home” for the holidays alone and if I’m honest, it was always hard.   My worst single Christmas was probably when I was 19.…

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Where Exactly Is Yesteryear and How Do I Get There?

December 18, 2017 /

Raise your hand if you went to a holiday party this weekend. Now raise your other hand if you wish you had stayed home on your couch watching Netflix instead.   Me too!   Oh, except that’s exactly what I did.   In a former life I loved holiday parties.…

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Missing Holiday Joy

December 7, 2017 /

Have you ever written something or said something, stepped back from it, and asked yourself, “Is that what I really think? Is that actually how I feel?”   I just did that with this post and I had to start over. I wrote all about my childfree holidays and how…

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Thanksgrieving is Real

November 23, 2017 /

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Or does it feel like more Thanksgrieving to you? If so, I’m thinking about you.   I read through a lot of blog posts this morning and most were filled with happy thoughts and pictures about how wonderful today will be. It seemed like there was a…

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This Time of Year

November 12, 2017 /

November always catches me off guard. September drags on, refusing to let go of summer. October inches along as I wait longingly for fall weather to arrive. Then the build up to Halloween begins and – BAM – it’s Starbuck’s red cup season.   Last year around this time, I…

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The Holidays

December 31, 2016 /

Here we are at the end of 2016. The New Year’s holiday is always bittersweet for me. I love the idea of starting fresh in a new year when anything is possible and not knowing what the future holds. On the other hand, the New Year’s holiday marks the end…

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