The Abruptness of Spring

March 24, 2017 /

As winter progresses and then slowly relents, there is always a point when I notice the transition is over. Even though it has been clear with its intentions, there is a day each year I am caught off guard by spring’s arrival. Today was that day.   It was a beautiful 70 degree Friday. The windows were open, all the neighborhood dogs were barking, the neighbor I thought was dead was spotted alive and well in his yard, children were squealing with delight while playing outside, and the neighbors across the street had a bonfire that may or may not have gotten a wee bit out…

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It’s Valentine’s Day.

February 14, 2017 /

It’s Valentine’s Day, which means little to me except there will be a lot of red and pink chocolate on sale tomorrow. I’ve never been a lover of Valentine’s Day. Sure, when I was a kid it was something to get excited about. Making a box to take to school was a fun, creative outlet for the energy that had built up in anticipation of notes and chocolate. I worked hard to cover every inch of my shoebox in red construction paper. Giving Valentines was genuinely fun too. I took writing them very seriously, especially for the one or two boys I…

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